Our professional accountancy services include help and advice with:
Annual Accounts

All companies have an obligation to prepare their annual accounts in order to assess their tax liabilities. These companies need to file their accounts at Companies House. Aimal’s accountancy services in Harrow helps businesses to prepare their accounts on an annual basis keeping them the peace of mind and saving their valuable time. We complete a full and detailed set of accounts for our clients keeping in mind the Inland Revenue scrutiny and Company Law.


All businesses need to keep accurate records and books. You can keep your annual records in perfect order and keep your firm organized with our wide ranging bookkeeping services in Harrow.  We usually manage our client’s annual, quarterly or monthly accounts by using computerized and manual records.

Our bookkeeping services include purchase ledger, sales ledger, nominal ledger, profitability, cash flow, and suggestions on accounting software, customer activity, VAT Returns, budgets, credit control, management accounts and much more.

Business Start-ups

Most people, those are starting a business are not experts in financial and legal aspects for running a company. In that case, we help. All you need to do is share with us your business ideas and we’ll help to make them a reality!


We can help you with:

  • Deciding the most appropriate structure for your company-partnership, sole trader, limited company or limited liability company.
  • Preparing a business plan, budget, cash-flow projection and trading forecast.
  • Assessing finance requirements, advising on the best finance sources and drawing up necessary proposals.
  • Establishing a good relation with your bank.
  • Completing any registration methods with HM Revenue and Customs, Companies House.
  • Dealing with company secretarial issues.
  • Installing accounting software.
  • Keeping on top of bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and all other accounting needs.

Company Formations

Establishing a business may be immediate and inexpensive but there are pitfalls to avoid. Aimal can manage this process for you and then maintain the statutory records of the new business. We offer our clients with one of our ready-made firms or can create one to their specifications with their choice of name. A special formation takes seven-eight days whereas a ready-made firm is available immediately.

For forming the firm on behalf of you or transferring a ready-made firm to you, we require to:

  • Appoint a firm secretary.
  • Appoint a director for your firm.
  • Set up a registered office.
  • Decide upon an appropriate accounting year-end date.
  • Issue shares in the organization for establishing ownership.
  • Register your company with tax authorities.
  • Make proper arrangements for bank services.

Corporation Tax

Every limited firm is subject to corporation tax on their profits. So, the first thing you need to do is to register your firm with HM Revenue & Customs by using their official forms, letting them know that you are liable for corporation tax.

If your firm is liable for corporation tax, you should calculate how much profit your firm makes for each accounting period and how much you need to pay on those profits as your corporation tax. This information should be reported to HM Revenue & Customs on a corporation tax return form and tax and accounts computations should be submitted in support of the return. There are severe penalties for filing late returns and businesses that pay tax late are required to pay interest. So, it’s essential that the deadlines that are determined by a company’s accounting date are adhered to.

Our accountants can help you with preparing company accounts, tax computations and company tax returns. We also give advice on tax planning areas, which may be beneficial to you as well as your organization.


Completing payroll is a must if you own a business and recruit staff. Payroll is a term, which describes the calculations and records for the deductions and pay of employees under pay as you earn (PAYE) system. We can complete a company’s payroll for a low cost monthly charge. Aimal usually completes payroll on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis. Our full payroll service includes all the leaver/starter forms, pay slips and all essential end of year filing allowing our customers to save time as well as money.

Self Assessment

All businesses need to submit a self-assessment return every year. However, many people consider this task to be a daunting affair and a brown envelope syndrome simply kicks in. The inevitable happens to many. The deadline is unnoticed, and HMRC’s penalties come up automatically. The amount owed becomes greater than the original bill.

Aimal can give you a total peace of mind by handling your self assessment tax return for you every year. All we ask for is your invoices and receipts of your income and expenses. We then work out your profit/loss promptly and your tax liability and ensure your self assessment in Harrow is submitted on a timely basis.  Sometimes we are even asked to handle preceding years, which have been ignored and where penalties arose. We can talk and bargain with HMRC for agreeing on a payment plan.

Tax Investigations

HMRC conducts tax investigations and you can expect to see the number of enquiry rising even further. Although you may not have done anything wrong HMRC can choose you for a random tax enquiry. A basic tax enquiry can cost more than three thousand pounds and last a year and a half. In that case, you will need to prove your innocence.

  • If you or your business suffers an HMRC investigation, we can help you with our tax investigation service in the following ways:
  • Give you with complete professional representation from tax and accountancy staff who know you already and understand your tax affairs.
  • Deal with HMRC on your behalf by attending all meetings and handling all correspondence.
  • Negotiate the best possible result

VAT Returns

If your company is VAT registered, we will take the pain of calculating your VAT efficiently and submitting your VAT returns quarterly on a timely basis every time. So, when it’s Aimal you can rest in peace without worrying about missing the deadline for submission. We know delays or mistakes lead to penalties and we won’t make that happen for you. You can also get in touch with us if you need expert VAT advice and planning.

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